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Therapeutic Horseback RIding

Therapeutic riding involves teaching riding skills to riders with disabilities, with adaptations as needed. The primary goal of therapeutic riding is to learn riding and horsemanship skills. However, as the movement of the horse is inherently therapeutic, riders frequently enjoy secondary benefits such as increased postural control, balance, strength and speech.

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Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Ground Therapy

Ground therapy is built around interactions with horses. This type of therapy can be used to assist people with mental and emotional difficulties, including anxiety and mood disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), behavioral challenges or undergoing life transitions or losses.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Trail Ride

Enjoy the fun of horseback riding on our scenic trails. Our one-hour trail ride is an ideal way to view the beautiful Rocky Mountains while visiting Grand County, Colorado. *Maximum rider weight is 200 lbs.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Horse Lesson

The NSCD offers three different levels of lessons: Beginner Lessons – The skills that will be learned during these lessons encompass the basic fundamentals of the sport including grooming and tacking, mounting, balance and body control and stopping/steering at a walk or trot. *Maximum rider weight is 200 lbs. Intermediate Lessons – Intermediate riding lessons offer participants a way to further advance their riding and prepare for more advanced skills, such as further development of your seat and hands, transitions within the gait and more complex steering patterns at a walk or trot. *Maximum rider weight is 200 lbs. Advanced Lessons – Unlike beginner or intermediate lessons, participants will focus intensely on how they affect the horse. For this reason, participants in advanced lessons must have balance, body control and a complete understanding of how the horse’s body works. The NSCD riding instructors must approve all advanced participants for lessons. *Maximum rider weight is 200 lbs.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Camp, Single Days

Love horses? Join us at the NSCD Therapeutic Riding Center for a camp that includes learning to groom, tack and ride a horse. New skills learned in the arena will be enhanced while out on daily trail rides. Participants who are not independent in self-care must supply a personal care provider who is available to them throughout the length of the camp. This is not an overnight camp. Can't make all four dates? No problem, pick the dates that work for you! **Maximum rider weight is 200 lbs.