Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Horse Lesson

The NSCD offers three different levels of lessons: Beginner Lessons – The skills that will be learned during these lessons encompass the basic fundamentals of the sport including grooming and tacking, mounting, balance and body control and stopping/steering at a walk or trot. Intermediate Lessons – Intermediate riding lessons offer participants a way to further advance their riding and prepare for more advanced skills, such as further development of your seat and hands, transitions within the gait and more complex steering patterns at a walk or trot. Advanced Lessons – Unlike beginner or intermediate lessons, participants will focus intensely on how they affect the horse. For this reason, participants in advanced lessons must have balance, body control and a complete understanding of how the horse’s body works. The NSCD riding instructors must approve all advanced participants for lessons. *Maximum rider weight is 200 lbs.

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