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At the NSCD, we provide private lessons with highly trained adaptive instructors. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs or goals of each individual participant. 3 hour lessons are available for two-track, three-track, four-track, slider ski, ski bike, mono-ski, dual-ski, bi-ski and snowboard.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines the NSCD has drastically reduced the number of lessons we are able to teach each day and we want to be able to provide opportunities for as many participants as possible to access programs this ski season. The NSCD is also coordinating with our program partners to minimize the number and amount of time individuals are present at base and indoor areas.

At this time, participants may only register for one half-day lesson per day for Alpine Adaptive Ski School Reservations. If a participant has reservations for more than one time slot for the same date, the participant will be contacted, asked to choose one lesson time slot and the other reservations will be fully refunded or rescheduled.

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